Steven Kaishian, owner of Infrastructure Canvas, designed the ground-breaking canvas for his artist wife, Pamela Anderson. 

As an engineer, your job is to improve product quality; develop a manufacturing processes; contain cost, with the ultimate goal of bringing ease and confidence for the end user. Well, in this case, the original end user was my wife, Pamela, who is an abstract expressionist and is known for her heavy textured paint use. I would listen to her frustration and struggles with finding canvases that accentuate her style rather than hinder it. I recognized the problem, created a solution and Infrastructure Canvas was born.


Whether an artist’s prefers to sketch on the canvas or use a heavy brush like Pamela, people from all styles are enjoying and appreciate the quality of Infrastructure Canvas, because they feel their work is better showcased.


Steven has built a successful career with over 32 years of engineering experience, as well as 16 U.S. approved electrical engineering patents to date, and received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


The patent pending canvas is now the preferred canvas of many local artists and is gaining attention nationally. Perfect for any creative professional who works on canvas but requires a sturdier more rigid surface, we invite you to try Infrastructure Canvas for your next masterpiece!

Infrastructure Canvas is located in the historic Third Ward 

207 East Buffalo Street

Marshall Building Suite 503

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202